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In-Person Physiological Testing

Rocky Mountain Devo partners with the top local education and training centers to provide in-person physiological testing in Boulder and Louisville, CO. 

Services Available

Lactate Threshold

Done indoors or out, we will identify the major thresholds, develop training zones, and give training insights to guide your progress or get you started on your journey. 

VO2 Max

VO2 Max is an excellent indicator of performance potential and health. Also receive training zones, insights, and recommendations. 

Resting Metabolic Rate

Learn how much your body burns at rest to inform fueling or track changes. Completed after an overnight or 4-hour minimum fast for accurate results.  

Details and Booking

Rocky Mountain Devo provides in-person physiological testing at two convenient labs in the Boulder/Denver area.


Select your location based on activity-type below!

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Fast Talk Laboratories offers cycling only physiological tests in Boulder, CO. Just bring your bike, kit, shoes, and fluid along for your test, and we do the rest. 

For additional performance testing on bike, rowing ergometer, or treadmill, booking is available in Louisville, CO through Build Sports Performance and Physical Therapy.

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